Wear a mask

Dear Editor,

Seeing the pictures on the news of people celebrating Memorial Day Weekend prompted me to write this letter. As our states begin to open up, it is very important to follow the social distance guidelines and stay six feet apart. It is especially important to wear a mask. Wearing a mask, is not a Republican or Democrat statement, no left, no right, no Red State, no Blue State, the Covid-19 virus is real, it is not a hoax. You wear a mask for one reason, to protect others from getting the virus. You can be a super spreader, and not even be sick.

You wear a mask so your neighbor’s six year old boy, going through cancer treatments does not get the virus, or the store cashier does not bring the virus home to her mother or father, because you have passed your saliva particles from your hand, to her hand and she touched her face.

Wearing a mask is 75% effective from spreading the virus to another innocent person, who in turn spreads it until there are hundreds more infected people because you did not wear a mask. God help us! The repercussions of what I saw this weekend, could severely overwhelm our first responders, nurses, doctors, and morgues in the weeks and months to come. Frankly, they do not deserve this!

Not caring about your own life is one thing, but endangering the lives if others, when it is in your own control to do so, is incomprehensible and quite unfathomable. The COVID-19 pandemic will show what kind of country we have turned out to be, a kind, caring, compassionate country, who loves thy neighbor, or a selfish self centered, self serving narcissistic country. The pictures on the news seem to support the latter view. Wearing a mask saves lives.

Debra Gillihan

Lake Mills

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