Input on Sandy Beach

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the letter from Steve Weber last week about changes at Sandy Beach. With so little community access around Rock Lake, it should certainly be a high priority of our city leaders to preserve as much space as possible for the community.

As I grew up we walked all the way along the lake from Sandy Beach to the high School, located downtown, for a class project. This remnant of that space, Sandy Beach, could certainly be preserved for the community.

The city has a plot of land on the corner of Sandy Beach Road and Highway 89. Doesn’t it make more sense to cement over an area along a state highway rather than along lake front property. There could be a drive through for drop off and pick up like at the north end of Rock Lake. Bikes could be available to shuttle down to the beach or people could walk like they do to Bartel’s Beach along Ferry Drive.

It is time to think community verses development. Our present experience with COVID-19 should certainly make us want to preserve community space. Our city’s population has not been going down, more open space should be added, not diminished. There should be a balance between community space and community revenue. This proposal tips the balance in favor of revenue over community space.

The reason we have this community park is because an open meeting was held in the old gym in the 1970s when the Strauss family wanted to sell the property. The community spoke up and the city leaders listened. Schedule a meeting and get input from the community.

Irene Kirst

Lake Mills

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