Dear Editor,

On March 26, after spending 10 days on a ventilator, my brother Michael died from COVID at the age of 35. He contracted it while hosting a weekly trivia night in Tarrytown, New York – one of the activities that brought purpose to his life as it brought so much joy to others. I'm also aware of at least 30 other acquaintances who had had the virus.

The political ads these days show Joe Biden critiquing President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

I don’t blame Donald Trump for my brother’s death. In fact, I have every reason to vote for him.

There is no cure for COVID. Normally, it would take years for the FDA to review and approve treatments for the novel virus. But President Trump cut red tape issuing “Emergency Authorizations for Use” (EUAs) allowing Michael and thousands of others to receive off-label medication in an effort to save him. Since March, medical professionals have learned more, adjusted the medications and have brought down the death rate from 4% to less than 1% in seven months.

Whether it was quickly shutting down our borders so travelers couldn’t bring the virus into our country from China, prompting Ford to transition from producing cars to ventilators, encouraging pharma to manufacture and distribute test kits on a massive scale in record time, or deploying military medical personnel on hospital ships and field hospitals wherever needed: President Trump has shown steadfast leadership in the face of a brutal enemy.

As a healthcare worker myself, I realize Mr. Trump wasn’t a model patient when he contracted COVID. Like many responsible men trying to provide for the families who rely upon them, he didn't want to leave his post. When he became sick, he worried he might die as his friend Stanley Chera did in April. Consequently, Mr Trump has ensured that all Americans receive free COVID testing and treatment. Now he wants his own treatment and future vaccines to be available gratis as well.

What were Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s priorities in January and February? A futile impeachment.

Only with weeks before election day has the Biden campaign released a strategic plan identical to the one Trump has already been executing for months.

President Trump’s leadership has earned my vote to guide us through this term and whatever comes next.

Chris O'Brien


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