Dear Editor,

There is something to be said about local policing. Lake Mills dodged a bullet through good policing when the "50 mile more" group was marching from Milwaukee to Madison to get their BLM message out over the forth of July weekend. The leader of this group of around 50 young people was in Lake Mills, a planned overnight on the way. On the way out of town, after parking her car illegally by backing into the angle parking around the square and when she pulled out, smashed into an oncoming car. It was all caught on a cruiser's dash cam. The police were there to assist within seconds.

Maybe it was because this group wasn't getting the attention for this march to the capitol they expected, or maybe she was trying to start something, but within hours, the internet was pushed into a lather when she claimed a racist white woman tried to run her down, how the police offered no help and how she was left there injured, and calling in her people to get here fast and more or less tear this town down. The police jumped all over that and showed every inch of video they had and the chief got in front of this and squashed that story like a bug. She now has about four citations as souvenirs from Lake Mills.

Mike Durant

Lake Mills

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