The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is reporting recent burglaries while residents are at home. The burglaries occured in the towns of Jefferson, Concord and Ixonia.

In all cases a lone male suspect approached the occupants of the homes and advised them that utility work was going on in the area.

The suspect identified as a hispanic male with acne scars on his face is described as bign in his 30s and between 5’9” and 6 feet tall. The man had a Hispanic accent. The vehicle he was driving is a white newer Chevrolet pickup truck with multiple utility tool boxes on the bed of the truck.

The suspect discussed property lines and the possibility of power outages which caused homeowners to exit their homes. In one instance the supect talked over a two way radio about his distance from the residence. Deputies believe a second suspect then entered the homes to burglarize, while homeowners were distracted by the first suspect.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to be on alert for anyone approaching their residence with a similar approach and story and ask for a company photo ID from anyone who comes to someone’s home claiming to work for a company, especially if they arrive without prior notice. People should not let anyone draw them away from their home. Call the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 920-674-7310 with information.

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