Restroom facilities have reopened at city parks after a vote from the Lake Mills City Council on Tuesday, June 2.

“We as a staff have been discussing the issue and with the beaches open we really need to open the restrooms, but we don’t have the staff to meet the CDC requirements of sanitizing every two hours,” said Steve Wilke, city manager.

Staff discussed cleaning once a day, as has been the standard, and post a sign that says, ‘use at your own risk.’

“There was another option to hire additional staff to clean every two hours. There are some dollars available through the state and federal government to reimburse the city for COVID expenses.”

To date the city has spent about $5,000-$6,000 in COVID related expenses.

“Does the council want to go with a crew, post a sign or leave them closed.”

State of Wisconsin has reopened bathroom facilities with one cleaning a day.

“My understanding is that is the route the county is taking,” said Dan Drescher, city attorney. “I think this is a reasonable move forward.”

“What is our liability,” asked Doug Fritsch.

“The steps we are taking are reasonable in nature. I don’t think there is a high likelihood we would see claims,” Drescher said.

“We’ve always done morning cleaning. The restrooms are open 24/7,” said Rob Goetz, parks and forestry director.

“I think they need to be open,” said Mike Foster, council president. “As long as we can keep up with one cleaning a day and we post a sign we will be good.”

Public comment was made in support of the restrooms being open at the parks with increased usage going on.

During the city manager’s report Wilke said the municipal building has opened back up to the public.

“We have been working on reopening. City hall reopened Monday and we’ve set up practices to interact with the public,” he said. “Most of the parks have been open but the restrooms have not. We’ve allowed the playground facilities to be used since May 11.”

In other business the council:

—Discussed a proposed offer to purchase 1204 and 1117 S. Main Street. The buyer would like to get started with state plan approval for a fall construction timeline with a sale this month necessary to meet the goal.

— Approved a consent agenda.

— Accepted a donation of planters for the municipal building from Horizon Manufacturing Group.

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