Represent all the people

Dear Editor,

I am writing to address the statement by elected representative Barbara Dittrich regarding her reelection to the state assembly. In it, she stated in part, “The left tried to steal this election away from the residents of this district by dumping incredible amounts of money into this race.”

According to the election results 22,786 voted for Dittrich while 16,162 voted for Winker. I am personally insulted by Dittrich’s statement because I am one of those 16,162 votes. Each of the votes for Melissa Winker represent a person with beliefs, values, and opinions and also a taxpayer. Those voters deserve respect and to be acknowledged. To dismiss those voters as insignificant or as citizens from some other universe who are voting, in her words, against “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” is disappointing. Those votes are people who are now represented by Dittrich and deserve her best. To say that the election was being “stolen” is irresponsible and divisive. If campaigning and sharing the opinions and policy positions of the opposing candidate is considered stealing, then I’m not sure how voters are supposed to be informed. I, for one, saw no negative attack ads regarding Dittrich or Winker. I saw information about the candidates’ positions and records being shared with voters.

In the end the people vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. I do sincerely hope however, that our elected officials can rise above division, tribalism, and finger pointing. Barbara Dittrich won, but she is not only representing the people who voted for her. She is the representative of all the constituents in her district. Elected representatives need to listen and understand all constituents’ points of view, find common ground, and govern for the common good. I hope Barbara Dittrich can do that moving forward. I expect my legislators to be in session and for bipartisan legislation to be passed for the good of our district and all Wisconsinites.

Andrea Graham

Lake Mills

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