Whether it’s oil, candy or creams there is no shortage of ways to use CBD. While CBD products are available at other locations in Lake Mills a new store with an educated focus on the topic opened Saturday, Nov. 16.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent of the active ingredients of cannabis, according to Harvard Medical School. CBD is an essential part of medical marijuana derived directly from the hemp plant. It is a component of marijuana but does not cause a “high.” The World Health Organization reported that CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.

The Parlor Collective, 807 Elm St., owned by Rebecca Moralez, Torey Smith and Kim Trimborn, hopes people will come to them to purchase CBD products. The store owners, along with Store Manager Miranda Onnen, are all CBD certified and say they’ve made sure all of their products have been tested by a third party.

“There aren’t any other CBD specific stores in Jefferson County,” Trimborn said among the chaos of setting up the business Thursday.

The group started looking at the idea of starting a CBD business almost a year ago.

“We grew up here,” she said of the area. “We wanted to bring something to Lake Mills and support Lake Mills.”

Trimborn was introduced to CBD after her mother started taking it for anxiety.

“It helped her tremendously,” she said.

It has also helped her and her husband with anxiety.

Each member of the group has customer service experience; Smith is the co-owner of Crawfish Junction and owns a computer business, Moralez works as a construction escrow manager and is also a bartender, Trimborn is an accountant who has worked as a bartender and waitress and Onnen is a stay at home mom and server.

They started to see the product helping themselves and their family and friends and wanted to provide a place where people could buy the products locally from people who were educated about them.

Before opening they pooled their resources to buy CBD products for people they know with different ailments to try.

“After looking into reputable wholesalers, we wanted a variety. We wanted a CBD isolate, a full spectrum and a broad spectrum,” Trimborn said.

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD and contains 0% THC. Full spectrum means the product contains all the cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant in nature and contains THC. Broad spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD without any THC.

They talked extensively to sales representatives to find out which companies own their own hemp farms.

“Making sure every company had third party testing was huge,” Trimborn said.

“This isn’t gas station CBD,” Onnen commented on the craze of the product being available at a variety of locations.

“Seeing this pop up everywhere isn’t the same as doing it right and learning about it and making sure what we are giving out to people is a good product,” Smith commented.

There are a multitude of locations from video stores to gas stations and supermarkets where CBD is available right now.

“It’s extremely important to research the companies where their products are coming from,” Onnen said.

They want their customers to be educated on what they are taking.

“We want people to understand what products have THC in them. That’s a big deal. If you have THC in your product you can potentially fail a drug test. That’s not being communicated to people,” Trimborn said.

“We look at the lab reports,” Smith said. “We are not just taking our vendors word for it.”

Their products will have a certificate of analysis, they said.

“You can pick up our product. There is a bar code on it, you can go onto the wholesaler’s website, put in the barcode and the certificate of analysis pops up showing the percentage of THC, showing the percentage of CBD and showing any other chemicals in it,” Trimborn said.

CBD is not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA recently issued several warning letters to companies for making spurious claims about CBD. Because CBD isn’t regulated, companies can say what they like about their products with little legal recourse.

“It’s not FDA regulated, so there is nobody that can say they are 100% positive this is what I’m advertising, but we are holding our wholesalers accountable based on the certificate of analysis,” Trimborn said.

The CBD industry is growing so quickly the business owners wanted to make sure they were in the best position to really help people learn about CBD products.

They stressed they are not a vape shop and will not be selling smoking products.

“We don’t want people getting the wrong idea,” Trimborn said.

In Wisconsin, confusion over CBD’s legality resulted in then, Attorney General Brad Schimel, issuing a clarification on state laws as a federal farm bill worked its way through Congress. Schimel clarified that products containing industrial hemp are legal in Wisconsin.

Marijuana remains illegal in the state, even though Democratic Gov. Tony Evers proposed legalizing its use for medical purposes and decriminalizing possession of small amounts earlier this year. Wisconsin law allows for 0.3 percent THC in hemp, the plant CBD is extracted from.

“People are scared of marijuana,” Trimborn said.

“Us being a part of the community, the last thing we want to do is sell subpar products,” Morzlez said. “And we want to educate people about what CBD is, because I really believe this product can change people.”

The owners agreed the product can change lives in their eyes.

“After you’ve exhausted all your resources and you just can’t figure it out and you don’t want to pop a prescription pill every day you need to figure out ‘how can I fix this’ and CBD has fixed things for a lot of people,” Onnen said.

The business will also be offering tanning services.

“Rebecca came to us with the idea to partner with tanning and we loved the idea. It was a no brainer to bring two businesses together,” Trimborn said.

“We saw the need in Lake Mills to put both of the businesses together,” Moralez said.

They have four brand new beds at the business and plan to offer tanning promotions.

“We want people to have a full experience,” Moralez said. “We will have couches where people can lounge if they have to wait. We are providing coffee and water. We want to have an environment where we are all friends, people can just come and hang out.”

There are a lot of unknowns with CBD.

“It’s been a learning process,” Smith said. “Getting an education for us has been a big thing and passing that along to the customers.”

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