The Salvation Army in Jefferson County announces the launch of its annual Christmas Campaign to raise funds to help people who continue to struggle across Jefferson County.

This year’s campaign theme, “Share Your Blessings. Be Blessed,” is a reminder of the joy that comes from helping those in need. Particularly in difficult times like these, when our neighbors still face unemployment, rising costs, and other effects of an uncertain economy, helping means both sharing blessings — and being blessed by doing good.

The Salvation Army’s time-honored Christmas Campaign will include the Red Kettles — a holiday tradition that has served as a symbol of goodwill for more than 100 years.

All donations stay local to help with needs such as rental assistance, emergency lodging and utility payments.

The Salvation Army in Jefferson County hopes to raise $85,000 to help sustain the vital programs and services that help needy people in their daily struggle.

“Many families are still finding it very hard to stay afloat, and we’ve seen it firsthand in the numbers of people coming to us for help,” said Angela Swinehart, field representative. “It’s especially hard during the holiday season, when so many of our neighbors don’t know how they’ll have the means to provide for their families. That’s why The Salvation Army looks to our community for their generosity: so we can show that same compassion and kindness to the less fortunate.

Salvation Army officials stress that any contribution will help — and donations of time are accepted as gratefully as donations of money.

“Reaching out to those in need by volunteering to ring bells is a wonderful way to connect with the community, to give back, to share blessings, and to be blessed in return,” said Swinehart.

To volunteer this Christmas season, contact Chris at 920-988-3067 or sign up online at

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