End gerrymandering

Dear Editor,

This is a crucial year for voting rights: in 2021 the Wisconsin Legislature will adopt new voting maps that will last for another ten years. Now is our chance to adopt fair maps and put an end to gerrymandering.

The last time Wisconsin electoral maps were drawn, by the Republican Legislature in 2011, we ended up with extremely gerrymandered voting districts. Jefferson County alone was split into four state assembly and two state senate districts. It was a carefully crafted plan to divide our community and assure that the controlling party is safe from competition.

Fortunately, this time we have the People’s Map Commission, a nonpartisan redistricting commission comprised of nine citizens across the state and charged with recommending true and fair voting maps for the Legislature to adopt. The Commission is actively seeking public input; written comment may be submitted online: https://appengine.egov.com/apps/wi/peoplesmaps/writtencomment.

Virtual public hearings are being held on Jan 28, Feb 11, Feb 25, and March 11. For more go to https://govstatus.egov.com/peoplesmaps/about

Gerrymandering contributes to partisan gridlock and is anti-democratic. It must be ended if we want any hope of a representative government that works.

Steve Bower

Lake Mills

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