Lake Mills Police were involved in a pursuit down Interstate 94 in December reaching speeds of 116 miles per hour.

On Dec. 13 Lake Mills Police Officer T.J Adams observed a silver Chevrolet Malibu parked in the Walgreens parking lot, according to Lake Mills Police Chief Mick Selck.

“He observed one subject look at him then looked straight down to the ground,” Selck said. “Officer Adams drove by the vehicle and observed there was no rear license plate and the vehicle’s tint was very dark.”

Selck said, Officer Adams waited for the car to leave Walgreens, where it was later discovered the suspects passed counterfeit $100 bills.

The vehicle went north on Hwy 89 and Officer Adams had to turn around to get behind it. As he did so he momentarily was stuck at a red light. He initiated his emergency lights to get through the light and catch up to the vehicle. As Officer Adams was going through the intersection of E. Tyranena Park Rd. and N. Main St. the vehicle had already turned eastbound onto I-94.

Officer Adams accelerated rapidly and as he was passing traffic could not find the vehicle in front of him. He continued trying to catch up to the suspect vehicle. As he looked farther ahead he saw a vehicle weaving in between traffic. Officer Adams was traveling at 116 miles per hour and was not catching up to the suspect vehicle; however, he could still see the vehicle ahead of him.

Trooper Rahn of the Wisconsin State Patrol advised he observed on radar the suspect vehicle going 114 mph passing Highway Q. Officer Adams advised dispatch he was in a pursuit because the vehicle was not slowing down nor stopping for the emergency lights and sirens. The pursuit had started on I-94 near Highway Q overpass. Officer Adams saw two cars ahead of the suspect vehicle that were side by side in the fast and slow lanes. The suspect slowed down briefly. The suspect then passed both vehicles on the right shoulder and went back into the fast lane. The suspect then turned all of their lights off on the vehicle.

For safety Officer Adams ended the pursuit on I-94 near the Highway N overpass. Officer Holcomb of the Johnson Creek Police Department, who was on the interstate at the time of the pursuit said the vehicle passed him at 110 miles per hour, still without lights on.

The last sight of the vehicle was going eastbound on I-94 passing mile marker 268. Trooper Rahn drove all the way to the Jefferson/Waukesha county line and did not locate the vehicle or any crashes.

Just prior to Officer Adams pursuit Cottage Grove Police took a complaint of counterfeit bills being passed there by the same subjects. During the month of December, the same vehicle is believed to have been involved in a shooting in Madison and several other police pursuits. Local law enforcement agencies and the Secret Service are working on the case.

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