Melissa Winker

Melissa Winker

OCONOMOWOC — As an 18-year educator with National Board certification, Melissa Winker — a parent of five children, family business owner and wife of a firefighter — announces her candidacy for Wisconsin State Senate District 13 as a Democrat in a special election on April 6.

“I’m running for State Senate because we deserve a leader that will listen to the needs of our small towns and communities in the district,” said Winker. “As an educator and family business owner, our communities are stronger and more prosperous when our goal is to embrace the common good for every family.

“As a firefighting family, I understand the impact of community safety and the need for an efficient COVID vaccine distribution plan,” she added. “Prioritizing our health, helping businesses thrive, and ensuring safe school environments must be a top focus now as we solve this pandemic.”

Winker, a Democrat, and former Assembly District 38 candidate, proudly raises her family in Oconomowoc as a fourth generation resident.

“Our children and families are our future — supporting them with great schools and affordable, accessible healthcare is how we define who we are as a society,” Winker said. “I will always fight for what is best for the most vulnerable and struggling.”

Winker’s educational experience has ranged from the kindergarten classroom to instruction of University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

Her family owns and manages multiple rental properties as well as a home maintenance company.

She has volunteered over the years for local elementary schools as a mentor for young girls, led international travel student groups, taught after-school clubs and for her church.

Her family has a deep love and commitment to Wisconsin’s hunting heritage and being protective stewards of the land.

“Communities in Senate District 13 and across the state are built with opportunity, hard work and vision,” Winker said. “Unfortunately, with past state policy, our wages have been stagnant, school debt has skyrocketed, we have suffered record family farm bankruptcies, and many of us have unaffordable healthcare.

“I look forward to meeting and listening to voters across the district, and learning about their needs and expectations,” Winker said. “Today, more than ever, we deserve elected leaders that are guided by decency and vision for a responsible government.”

Senate District 13 includes portions of Jefferson, Waukesha, Dodge, Columbia and Dane Counties.

Voters can learn more about Melissa Winker at

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