Response to Fitzgerald

Dead Editor,

After reading Rep. Fitzgerald’s defense of the do-nothing Republican support of infrastructure, I am reminded that when Clinton left office with a surplus, G W Bush campaigned on “it’s your money” tax cut so no infrastructure. Then came Iraq and Afghanistan wars and how much were taxes raised to pay for that? Zero. Then Obama was elected and wanted to take advantage of low interest rates to use for infrastructure but the Republicans denied that. Where was the infrastructure bill under Trump (like all his lies) no where. But there was a big tax cut for the wealthiest. Now under Biden where he wants to tax the wealthiest (who benefited the most in the last 20 years) for the infrastructure bill, the Republicans still deny.

Over 20 years with no real infrastructure bill due to the Republicans, how long do they think the bridges, roads, grid systems and water systems last? With new technology, internet service is necessary to help the gap between rural and urban. The Republicans raise the debt when they are in control with wars and tax cuts but when they aren’t, it is all about the debt. Frankly, it is time that we see something to show for the debt- not the measly $100 tax cut that most taxpayers get. Yes, we deserve better but it is not going to happen at the hands of the Republicans.

And Fitzgerald’s quote on July 4 of thanking the brave for our country — he wasn’t including himself. His vote against certification of Biden’s legal election showed his cowardice by blindly following Trump’s lies.

Linda Harvey

Lake Mills

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