Dear Editor,

Independence Day is a celebration of our Democracy. In the case of Scott Fitzgerald, our State Senate majority leader, it's not what have you done for our Democracy, but what have you done to it. After 30 years Fitz remains a party and person first. Like Trump he offers "alternative" excuses for his actions, ignoring the obvious.

Despite very little evidence of voter fraud, Fitzgerald, has worked diligently at voter suppression, mostly targeting minorities. It's hard to defend without sounding racist as statistically minorities favor the Dems. Harsh voter ID laws, restricting early voting hours, changing the laws regarding absentee ballots, unprecedented partisan redistricting culminating with Wisconsin's April 4 election. In Milwaukee, with a large minority population, 5 of 180 polling places were open during a pandemic with poor weather and hours of waiting in line. National Guardsmen were available to work polls while Fitz and company refused to allow extended mail in voting. Ironically Fitzgerald and 80% of our state legislators voted by mail April 4. The obvious impression of all this was to keep a Republican on our State Supreme Court. That is not democracy it's debauchery. Courts recently upheld the 2016 early voter restriction. Fitz applauded it, longer lines, less voters.

Health care is especially important to those of us without government insurance. With Walker, Fitz refused to expand Medicaid, keeping thousand without health care, then the state's assault on Obama Care. Spending Wisconsin taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit that would leave tens of thousands of Wisconsinites out of healthcare and put the 2.4 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions at risk. That's democracy for the chosen few.

Last Veterans Day Fitz wrote a piece extolling Wisconsin's treatment of veterans. Statistics prove the column was inaccurate bluster. Wisconsin vets have much higher than average rates of unemployment and homelessness as well as physical and mental health problems. What is he doing about it?

There's so much more (or less) going on here. Fitz will retain his State Senate seat for life or until gerrymandering goes away, so why not run for the US Congress. He's got nothing to lose....we do!

Mark Schneck


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