A 36-year-old Milwaukee woman has been charged with possession with intent to deliver after eluding police in Lake Mills after an April 2019 incident.

Amanda Swaagman was charged with possession of THC with intent less than 200 grams, resisting or obstruction an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. She will have an initial appearance on the three charges Feb. 10.

According to a criminal complaint, Lake Mills Police were alerted to a vehicle with expired and suspended registration via the automatic license plate reader in the squad car. The officer followed the vehicle going south on Highway 89 onto Tyranena Park Road and attempted to stop the car. The car sped up and turned right onto Cherokee Path and turned into the first driveway.

The driver ran from the vehicle to avoid police, running around the building and was spotted running down the sidewalk on Tyranena Park Road. After police located Swaagman she surrendered with her hands up. When asked why she ran from police, Swaagman gave differing answers and continued to be evasive in questioning.

The Jefferson County Sherriff’s Department K9 was run around the Swaagman’s vehicle and indicated on the rear passenger side door. In the glove box police found a bag containing a purple vaporizer that had the odor of marijuana and seven full unopened THC oil canisters containing 93% THC.

Members of the Jefferson County Drug Task Force indicated the amount of THC oil found was substantial and more than one would have for personal use.

If convicted on all counts Swaagman could face over four years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

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