Lakeside Lutheran High School has release its parameters in regards to fall sporting event attendance, in regard to COVID-19.

Football & Volleyball: Seating is limited at Varsity Football and JV/Varsity Volleyball events; special admittance tickets are required in addition to payment/passes.

o players/dancers will receive 4 tickets each for family the day before competitions

o students will sign up at school (Google doc) early in the week for a lottery for that week’s events and will find out a day or two before whether they will receive an admittance ticket. This applies to Homecoming week as well.

o Players and game personnel do not need tickets.

o If you are not a family member of a player/dancer, we suggest you consider watching or listening remotely (see last item below); if you would like to attend but do not have a ticket, please contact AD Jahns at Lakeside ( or 920-648-2321 x2206)

o The East gym will be cleared after JV volleyball matches and spectators who wish to also watch varsity must re-enter with a new varsity admittance ticket (if admission was paid for JV match, no additional payment is required; we recommend utilizing the hand stamp when paying).

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