Disturbed by actions

Dear Editor,

My husband Jim and I are parents of two students who attend Lake Mills School District. One in high school and one in middle school. We live in Lake Mills and we love it here.

However, I am greatly disturbed and angry by the actions of Rachel Davies, vice-president of the school board. She wrote on a public social media page a series of racist and profane comments about an incident with a Black Lives Matter protestor Friday, July 3. As a member of the school board, Rachel Davies has obviously shown she is not fit to influence or make decisions concerning our children. This behavior is unprofessional, unacceptable and nothing more than a temper tantrum; of which we would not tolerate if our own children were to do this. As a representative of the school board she is to be held to a higher standard of decorum and should be a role model for our children.

We as parents of the Lake Mills community do not condone nor tolerate racism and hatred in our own children and it should not be tolerated by any school board member.

Therefore, we respectfully request that she be removed from her position effective immediately.

Tami Hajcak

Lake Mills

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