Here at the Leader we traditionally present a showcase paper, which goes to all the addresses in Lake Mills, during the last full week of June. We’re still doing that this week, but it feels a little different. It’s typically the same week as the Legion’s Town and Country Days festival. This year due to COVID-19 there is not a festival, which means no sliders, carnival rides or parade. We won’t see the smiling faces of children and adults having fun in Commons Park in next week’s paper. We won’t see a list of winners of various contests or pictures of the Optimist Club Big Wheel Race.

For some missing one year of a local festival may seem unimportant, but it’s a chance for people to come together we think people will miss this year.

We will try to recreate some of that local magic here with a story on the history of Town and Country Days and festivals in Lake Mills along with some photos of days gone by we were able to dig up this week.

We share the story of a Marine who played drums in the Marine Corps Band. The story will appear in our “We Shall Not Forget” publication in November along with the other profiles we’ve done this year.

We will also hear final thoughts from Pam Streich, Lake Mills School District administrator, who is retiring next week.

We hope you enjoy what you read here and if you are not already a subscriber, please take a look at the stories we’ve presented for you and consider supporting your local newspaper. We live in the community and we tell the stories of the community. We appreciate and value each and every one of our subscribers and their support.

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