An attorney for the Town of Lake Mills will look at the Shoreline Zoning Lake Brochure presented by the Joint Rock Lake Committee, which has caused some dispute at the last several meetings of the Lake Mills Town Board. The board made the decision when it met July 13.

“There was a draft sent via email probably last fall sometime asking for a review of it. I made a few comments and sent it back,” Jim Heinz, supervisor, said of the brochure.

“I think there would need to be a little more work done to have an optimal plan in place,” commented Tom Buechel, town board chairperson. “Not just having town approval, but also city cooperation on vetting, it’s just paramount.”

Patricia Cicero, Jefferson County Land and Water Conservation director told the board, “I was involved a little bit in this process. It was a joint effort between the Rock Lake Improvement Association and the Joint Rock Lake Committee. They did include the town, city and county and the shoreland zoning rules the town has are through the county shoreland zoning. Matt Zangl reviewed this and gave input and there was also a meeting with the city because they requested one. The city attorney was there and gave comments and the neighborhood service officer was also there and gave comments. It was fully vetted, in my opinion, by the town, the county and the city.”

She said it’s not often that shoreland zoning rules change.

“If there are changes this is a document that could be revisited,” she said. “I think this is a good document and gives rules and education.”

Buechel said it’s problematic if the document has been posted without the approval of the Town Board because the Joint Rock Lake Committee operates under the authority of the Town Board.

The board opted to have their attorney look at the document before it will consider approval.

“It’s really about going through the right process and making sure the right liability is covered,” Buechel said.

The board awarded the bid for the reconstruction of Crossman Road to Payne and Dolan for $593,393.05.

The board Ok’d a resolution for crack seal work on town roads apart from Elm Point for $34,730.

“I can’t justify spending $21,000 on that project. We should just eliminate that road,” Heinz said.

The roads that will be done are Shorewood Hills Rd., Shorewood Meadows Dr. Conservation Rd. and London Rd.

The board discussed a number of other lake issues during the meeting, including theft of tools at the boat cleaning sites and purchasing new ones. They also discussed the habits of people leaving the lake.

“Watching what people do when our Clean Waters Clean Boats people are there and seeing what they do when they are not there is interesting,” Buechel commented. “There are a lot of young families and there are kids running on the dock without life jackets and a lot of things are going on.”

He said he thinks there is more that can be done to educate people about safety.

Cicero mentioned a survey about which recreational rules are most often violated on Rock Lake. There were over 500 responses and slow no wake rule was the rule people felt was most frequently violated by far.

She also said she didn’t feel another survey would be helpful right now.

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