Warning truancy x 2 Catlin Drive

Assist EMS Pinnacle Drive

Assist EMS, K9 Truman Narcotics Tamarack Drive

Accident W. Tyranena Park Rd.

Vehicle lockout Stony Rd.

Warning fail to stop at stop sign N. Main St./Madison St.

Warning expired registration E. Tyranena Park Rd./Birch St.

Warning no plates, K9 Truman Narcotics N. Main St./E. Oak St.

Warning defective headlight E. Tyranena Park Rd./ Cherokee Path

Warning expired registration S. Main St./Phillips Lane

Citation possession of paraphernalia, warning expired registration S. Main St./Keyes St.

Assist EMS E. Washington St.


Citation disorderly conduct x 2 Catlin Drive

Protective custody suicidal subject Mulberry St.

Assist Fire Brewster Drive

Citation operating without a valid license E. Tyranena Park Rd./Cherokee Path

Warning speeding N. Main St./Pine St.

Warning defective brake light W. Tyranena Park Rd.

Warning improper attached license plates N. Main St./ Pine St.

Warning fail to stop at stop sign E. Tyranena Park Rd./Mulberry St.

Warning improper stop at stop sign E. Tyranena Park Rd./Mulberry St.

Warning speeding W. Tyranena Park Rd./Hwy B


Warning fail to display front license plate S. Main St.

Warning defective high mount brake light S. Main St./E. Lake St.

Accident Crestview Lane

Vehicle lockout S. Main St.

Citation speeding S. Main St.

Operating while under the influence (2nd), warning speeding, improper stop at stop sign S. Main St./Phillips Lane


Citation operating after revocation (2nd), 15 day correction expired registration, improperly attached plates Hwy V/Hwy 89

15 day correction no insurance, warning defective registration lamps Hwy V/Mulberry St.

Warning failure to display front license plate, defective high mount brake light S. Main St./Milton St.

Citation speeding Hwy B/V (west)

Warning speeding Hwy B/V (west)

Citation barking dog Brookstone Drive

Death investigation Pleasant St.

Check welfare Main St./Madison St.

Check welfare Prairie Avenue

Assist EMS O’Neil St.


Warning speeding S. Main St./Unzhaven Lane

Citation no valid driver’s license, warning defective head lamp N. Main St./W. Tyranena Park Rd.

Found property Industrial Drive

Mutual aid JESO Ann St.

Warning noplates S. Main St./Sandy Beach Rd.

Disorderly conduct w/dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, emergency detention 200 block W. Grant St.

Unlawful use of telephone harassment Indian Terrace

Assist EMS Milton St.


Warned expired registration N. Main St./Prospect St.

Warned registration sticker E. Washington St./Mulberry St.

Warning speeding S. Main St. & Lake Park Place

All other Civil issue Water St.

Warning disorderly conduct Catlin Drive

Mutual aid counterfeit bill County Rd. B

Warning improper display of registration sticker Prospect St./Main St.

Warning speeding, unregistered vehicle Main St./Pinnacle Drive

Warning defective third break light, K9 Truman Narcotics Main St./Veterans Lane

Citation operating while suspended, K9 Truman Narcotics CTH V/Birch


Citation speeding N. Main St./W. Pine St.

Assist EMS Tamarack Drive

Warning no tail lamps at night N. Main St./E. Pine St.

Warning fail to display license plate N.Main St./Oak St.

Mutual Aid 89/Gallup Rd.

Retail theft W. Tyranena Park Rd.

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