Winker for Assembly

Dear Editor,

Gun violence has plagued this country for many years and seems to increase daily in these stressful times. This November we have the opportunity to cast our ballots for candidates who will support efforts to reduce gun deaths.

I am excited to be able to vote for such a person. Melissa Winker is a clear choice to represent the 38th Assembly district. She believes, along with 80% of Wisconsinites (2019 Marquette poll), that red flag laws, expanded background checks and extended waiting periods will help reduce future gun deaths. She promises to be a strong advocate for these measures which will in no way prevent any law abiding citizen from owning firearms.

Winker is opposing Republican incumbent Barbara Dittrich who believes that the Second Amendment is the last word. Along with Republican leaders in Madison, Dittrich chooses to bow to the NRA and ignore the fact that the second amendment does not ban background checks or guarantee the right to own an automatic assault weapon designed for military use only.

Please vote for Melissa Winker and show our legislators that their constituents want them to work together to pass common sense gun laws.

Barbara J. Smith

Lake Mills

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