Vote for environment

Dear Editor,

A recent article in a Jefferson County newspaper reported that “Greenland lost 586 billion tons of ice in 2019” in addition to other melting ice sheets and glaciers contributing to rising sea levels and warming oceans. Initially termed “global warming” by scientists, conservatives have managed to change the vernacular to the less frightening “climate change” but global warming is what it is. It is the largely man-made cause of all severe weather Mother Earth has been experiencing from ever-increasing wildfires in California and more frequent hurricanes affecting our country’s eastern and southern coasts. The recent derecho, which destroyed so much of Iowa’s corn crop, was very close to home. Wisconsinites have felt the impact of extreme heat, high winds, and more severe storms and their subsequent flooding.

Starting at the local level, we need leaders who care about these environmental issues. In the run for Wisconsin State Assembly District 38, Melissa Winker is that leader. Melissa is committed to stewardship of Wisconsin’s air, lakes and rivers. Barbara Dittrich is not concerned; these issues are not even part of her campaign platform. In the run for U.S. House of Representatives Wisconsin 5th Congressional District, Tom Palzewicz recognizes the urgency of implementing policies that address climate change and support clean air and water in Wisconsin. Scott Fitzgerald is not concerned; these issues are not even part of his campaign platform.

Vote for Winker ( and Tom Palzewicz ( on Nov. 3 for the health of Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, forests and air. Vote for your children and grandchildren.

Anne Werner

Lake Mills

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