The American Red Cross held a blood drive on June 9 and it was another grand success. There were 86 presenting donors, of which seven were first time donors. 61 whole blood units and 24 power red units were collected giving 86 total units which in turn and can 255 potential lives saved.

These donors who gave their time and blood were; Debra Kutz, Emma Ganey, John Wells, Mary Smith, Carolyn Heidemann, Bonnie Mierendorf, Violet Topel, Marie Mertz, Mark Pickhard, Edward Heimstreet, Brenda Priebusch, Jo Christianson, James Rath, Paul Glasser, Carlton Kutzke, Mark Rueth, David Cummings, Robert Hensler, Linda Kutzke, Thomas Parrish, Zachary Wedel, Bonnie Weber-Mosher, Janet Peitz, Evelyn Draeger, Jane Harvey, Douglas Bradt, Daniel Ruenger, Janice Beahlen, Benjamin Dickerson, Gordon Goers, Constance Hurley, Rose Goers, Edwin Morse, Ann Lee, Charlene Ploessl, Larry Raupp, David Selje, Loretta Grossman, Rosemarie Gill-Mcaloon, Nicholas Tippery,,Steven Murphy, Cory Miller, Terry Heinz, Felicia Blaeske, Laura Corsten, Erin Saylor, Michael Mueller, Tara Topel, Todd Destree, Gina Gehring, Pamela Korte, Brian Genrich, Peter Silvers, Chelsea Zegler, Rhonda Butzine, Catherine Burrow, Micheal Mosher, Gemma Giunta, Jennifer Galley, Derek Opgenorth, Helena Janczy, Brooke Pfund, Aaliyah Flores, Marissa Roberts, Jaclyn Graffagna, Mary Bade, Ronald Korte, Lana Murphy, Melissa Polzin, Eryn Opgenorth, Samantha Schuster, Jeffrey Strom, Michael Lodl, Megan Hayes, Lindsey Pellmann, Bonny Smith, Dale Nemitz, Bonnie Crawford, Kimberly Thony, Troy Bollinger, Christian Topel, Daniel Topel, Katherine Maas, Melissa Norton,Kimberly Runde, Hannah Sievert,and Daniel Sievert.

The next blood drive is Aug. 4 at the Lake Mills Municipal Building.

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