At the most recent blood drive held at the Lake Mills Municipal Building, the following were gallon donations: one gallon Richard Courtois, Jennifer Galley and Caleb Jenks, two gallons Aaron Dobberstein, Amy Gagnon, Brian Genrich, John Miller and Erin Saylor, three gallons Nathan Pyles, four gallons Helen Eckert, Ann Lee and Claudia Schmidt, five gallons Michelle Morrow and Melissa Polzin, seven gallons Rose Goers, Jeffrey Knier, Linda Kutzke and Linda Nee, nine gallons Carlton Kutzke and Zachary Wedel, 10 gallons Gordon Goers, 11 gallons Janet Peitz, 14 gallons Marie Mertz and 18 gallons Bonnie Mierendorf.

The next blood drive in Lake Mills will be held June 8, from 12-6 p.m. at the Lake Mills Community Center.

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