During this COVID-19 Pandemic the weeks seem to just flow from one to another as many of our routine activities are cancelled. Despite that, it is hard to realize that November starts, and Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday. The snow on the weekend was a wake-up call. Time to get the house and yard ready for the cold weather. My house is one of the ‘Sears Homes’, offered in the Sears catalog, that were shipped by rail and assembled onsite…kind of an early IKEA idea. According to correspondence from the State Historical Society some years ago, this particular style “The Newbury” was the only known one of its’ kind in the state. Built in 1937 and lovingly cared for, the time has come for new windows and siding.

How am I connecting this to rolling into November and colder weather? The animals and insects that seek a place to spend the cold weather are pretty clever at finding spaces to sneak into our warm houses. I had hornets that were suddenly appearing inside my bedroom window and looked like they were trying to get back outside…sometimes 7 or 8 at a time. The only space I could think that they may be getting in after they got between the screen and glass were the small spaces where the rope pulls in the sash. (Those of you with newer windows will wonder what the heck I am talking about!) I stuffed a Q-Tip into that area on both sides and they gave up so one task solved. However, I still have a yard full of leaves to rake.

This is also time for Medicare’s annual Fall Open Enrollment Period from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. You can make changes in your coverage of Part D prescription drug plans. You can also stay with the plan that you have had if you are happy with the coverage by not doing any anything to change it. However, it is always a good idea to go online to www.medicare.gov or to check in with the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 920-674-8734 if you have questions.

Our contest this week is “What was your Favorite Trick or Treat Candy?” Submit your answer to jane.riedl@lakemills.k12.wi.us by Monday, Nov. 2 to be entered in a drawing for a $5 Chamber Bucks. The winner of the Favorite Sport contest was William Britt.

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