Overture Center for the Arts is now accepting artist applications for its fall 2021 exhibit: “Everything COVID.” We aim to exhibit a wide variety of artists, media and visual art from throughout Dane County. Overture is also looking for artists working in Social Practice. Applications are due Monday, June 14, 2021, at 11:59 p.m.

Everything COVID

This exhibition aims to explore everything COVID-19 and will be featured in our Playhouse Gallery. What have you experienced during the COVID pandemic? What have you lost? What have you gained? How have you changed? What have you learned about yourself, the world? What have we been through collectively as a society? What has this pandemic revealed to you about the world? How has your global outlook changed? Has your concept of “normal” changed? How do we increase our well-being individually and as a society in the face of this pandemic? How do you visualize the science of COVID? What other art related to COVID would you like to explore?

Additional Call for Art: Art as social practice

Overture is interested in working with artists practicing social artistry. Art as Social Practice creates transformational engagement through human interaction.

How to apply

Download the application at https://www.overture.org/galleries/overture-galleries/info-for-artists. We welcome paintings, sculpture, prints and other visual art to these exhibits. Please submit images of specific works or submit a description of works you plan to make. Collaborative artworks are welcome. If you submit a proposal, you must describe what you plan to create and include work samples that demonstrate your capacity to create the work. Selected artworks will be announced on Friday, July 16. The exhibits will run approximately mid-September 2021 through the beginning of January 2022.

We will exhibit a wide range of experiences, viewpoints and ideas. Overture Galleries are viewed by young children and families. Graphic sex and violence will not be exhibited. We are not interested in exhibiting politically divisive art or art that demonizes individuals or groups of people.

Informational meeting

Join Overture Gallery staff for an informational Q&A session about the exhibit and the application process on Monday, May 17, 6-7 p.m. via Zoom. Register at https://www.overture.org/galleries/overture-galleries/info-for-artists.

Questions about the application or the process should be directed to Galleries and Community Programs Coordinator Beth Racette at bracette@overture.org.

The Overture Playhouse Gallery serves as a premier venue for exhibiting professional and community art. Overture's Galleries further Overture Center’s mission in advocating for the development of the arts in the community and in providing a world-class forum for diverse artistic expression. Overture Playhouse Gallery is in the lower level of Overture and serves as the North Henry Street entrance corridor and the Playhouse Theater lobby.

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