I turned the calendar to May and then realized that we did not get any of the ‘April Showers’ that we count on. The entire month had slipped by with only a few light showers and not enough to keep the ‘May Flowers’ happy. I always need to remind myself that weather patterns have changed, and I can no longer assume outcomes.

Now that we are able to resume some small gatherings with those that have also been vaccinated and feel safe doing so, I spent an afternoon visiting with two of my long-time teacher friends. We are always able to pick up our conversations probably because we stay connected by phone during times that we are not able to see each other. I am hoping that by extending our hours at Club 55 we will also be able to enjoy the comfortable visits we had with friends as we return. We have taken for granted the ability to socialize and gather with others.

Our foot care provider, Deb, will be at Club 55 next week Wednesday, May 12, from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Make your appointment now by calling 920-728-2176. Bring your own towel, $15. This is such a great service that Deb provides. You are receiving an essential service provided by an RN.

Join us this Wednesday from 1-2:30 p.m., May 5, for bingo in the gym at RLAC. It is nice to see friends gathering and enjoying an afternoon while still being able to socially distance. Our next date for bingo is Wednesday, May 19, when it will be sponsored by Trinity Pines, mark your calendars.

This Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day. We each have our own way of honoring our Mother that is meaningful to us. I always remember overhearing Ken, a fellow teacher, and Ex-Marine that decided to teach when his career in service ended, say to one of the young male teachers. It was nearing Mothers’ Day and the young teacher had not sent a card or decided what he was going to do for his Mom. Ken said that this young man should be thankful that he still had his mom alive to do something special for her and went on to say how much he still misses his own mom and would give anything to be able just to spend the day with her. I hope you are able to do something that makes the day memorable.

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