As a child on the farm the Fourth of July meant that we would be able to see fireworks from neighboring communities. I don’t remember actually going to see them but being able to watch them from a distance at home. I am sure that by the time the cows were milked, and chores done, we were pleased to just be able to stay up late and see such colorful splendor!

I was thinking about how different the Fourth of July has been over the years but could have never guessed how this years’ celebration might be forever etched in our minds. When our children were little the fireworks in Lake Mills were held on the campus field.

We would take a blanket and sit on the ground at the east end of the field and the fireworks would be on the west end. The gun powdery smell and fragments of paper from the fireworks would drift across the field. (Must have been before OSHA set up their guidelines!) Afterward we would light sparklers in our yard and have root beer floats. It was a favorite way to celebrate our country’s birthday and the tradition continued with grandchildren. The granddaughter who always remembered that root beer floats were going to be part of the night now lives with her husband in Maryland, life changes!

There has not been a decision made about opening Club 55, but we are working on it. Our Club 55 Advisory Board will meet with Lisa Jensen, RN, from Fort HealthCare to hear suggestions about infection control that we may not have thought of. We are also sharing ideas with the neighboring senior centers and brainstorming how to be most effective while monitoring our programs.

There are still some openings for Foot Care on Tuesday, July 14 with Deb. Please call Carol at 920-918-3176 for an appointment and more information. Foot Care is by appointment only which is a change for COVID-19. Bring your own towel, $15. Foot Care is considered an essential service, and we are very lucky to have Deb, an RN, come to Club 55 to provide this service.

The winner of last week’s Hobby Contest is Julie Taylor. Julie won $5 in Chamber Bucks. This week’s contest is “What is your favorite Movie” or the best one you have seen?

Send your choice to by midnight on Monday, July 6. The drawing will be on Tuesday, July 7.

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