Withrow/Fritsch Wedding Announcement

Andrea Fritsch and Sam Withrow were united in marriage on Oct. 4 at the Experimental Station in Hyde Park in Chicago, Ill. A costumed parade, dinner and reception were held at the same venue.

The bridal party included Brian Fritsch, brother of the bride, and Lydia Withrow, sister of the groom.

The wedding was officiated by Michael Sowiski, with a keynote presentation on love and science by Susie Seidelman, a reading by Clara Latham, and Benediction by Dan Rybicky, all friends of the couple.

The ceremony opened with an improvised performance featuring costumed dancers as the nine planets and improvised music on bassoon and drums. Marian Runk sang and provided banjo music at the ceremony and Rebecca Mir Grady made and presented the rings.

At the reception, a live Polka set was performed by the bride’s family, including Diann Fritsch, Sheri Whitty, Darlyne Rauh and Nancy Petsch. A chamber-pop set was provided by the band, The Fancy, friends of the groom.

Andrea is the daughter of Diann and Doug Fritsch, Lake Mills.

Andrea earned a Bachelor’s degree in art and women’s studies from Oberlin College and a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from UW-Milwaukee.

She is currently employed at the Pisces Foundation, an environmental philanthropy in San Francisco. She also is a member of a studio art collective, ControlShift, in Oakland.

Sam is the son of Mark and Victoria Withrow, Seattle, Wash.

Sam earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music from Oberlin College and Mills College, respectively.

He is currently employed as lead developer at Hearken, a start-up providing web-based support infrastructure for listener engagement in public media.

The couple spent their honeymoon in Joshua Tree, Calif.

Sam and Andrea reside in Oakland, Calif., near Lake Merritt. The couple met while attending Oberlin College in Ohio.

Andrea and her sister-in-law designed and made the wedding dress.

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