When my daughter suggested having a family get together for my birthday last Saturday afternoon, I said I would bring the dessert. Our little 3 year old granddaughter was here when I was making it, and said she could help me, which was fine with me. We proceeded to make a Strawberry Cream Cheese Trifle. She helped me mix the cream cheese, and when I cut the strawberries, she put them in the dish. Then she also helped me assemble it. Later, when we served it, she had the biggest smile from ear to ear when the family all said how good and delicious it was! To me it was an awesome way to make memories and do something together with my little baby!

Speaking of babies, congratulations are in order for our first-time grandma, Terry B. She was excited to tell about her grandson who was born last week. Our congratulations go out to the whole family! I actually had a chance to see him on Tuesday when he was visiting grandma, and omylanta, he is a cutie with a lot of hair!

Ann and several ladies participated in the first Chair Yoga “Al Fresco” under the shade of the pine trees last Wednesday. We hope that having Susan come back to lead this class is a start to things getting back to normal…although we don’t know what normal means anymore. On Monday, Colleen B. was in the guest room with strict protocols to give massages to those who signed up. In preparation of July 4th, I, with the help of hubby took our fire pit to The Pines, and with social distancing, we had a small fire pit party. When the coals were just right, we were able to roast marshmallows and the ladies and men could enjoy their yearly s’mores! And to see how good their memories are, we played a game where everyone had to repeat the alphabet and what they were going to bring along on a picnic!

Our residents continue to do an awesome job with taking care of themselves and helping to protect their fellow neighbors. If you happen to come visit, please make sure to wear your mask! Until we meet again, I leave you with Herbert Hoover and a 4th of July quote, “Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.”

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