Mother’s Day, 2020 will certainly be one for the books! The pandemic put a damper on many family celebrations of being together. It was cold and grey with a rain mixed briefly with snowflakes. While sitting in my quiet office and seeing the snowflakes, I heard the unmistakable song of Baltimore Orioles. Sure enough, I had a pair of Orioles claiming the grape jelly that I had put out to lure them to my feeder area. There are so many distinct note patterns with repetitions that identify the spring arrivals. It was definitely a bright spot in my day and reminded me to welcome the beauty that surrounds us.

Nature has always been part of my DNA, if that even makes sense, but it is how I describe my need to be outside and experiencing what is there to observe. Maybe it was spending my first few years as a farm kid, but It is what renews my spirit and makes each day complete. It is also why I was at the lakefront last week at 5:30 a.m. to see the full moon as daylight crept in to take over. This May moon was called by many names; Mothers’ moon, corn planting moon, full flower moon, and it was unmistakable on the horizon as it sunk lower into the southwest side of the water. I was sitting with my back to the east and could not see the sunrise because of the slight berm at the Cedars but could see the red glow from a window across the lake where it was reflected. As I wandered back home, I thought of all the times I have watched the sunset from that spot and wondered if you call a setting moon a ‘moonset’?

While we await a safe time to reopen Club 55, we hope you will participate in the contest of the week from Club 55/Rec. Dept. This week’s contest is a Nature Photo Contest. Submit your photo of nature: gardens, flowers, birds, insects, or anything else you capture with your camera. Submit your photo by Friday, May 15 to to be entered into a drawing for a birdhouse made and donated by Dean. The drawing will be held on Monday, May 18. The winner that was drawn from the names entered of the poetry contest is Stuart Wilson who won the wall hanging.

Stay safe…and wear your facemasks!

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