Shown from left to right are: Steve Fields, EMS; From Chapter 2: Tim Johnston, Amanda Johnston, Kali Garman, Kyle Johnston; LMEMS members: Marty Bollig (holding the nitrous oxide unit), Tom Murphy, April Whiting, Erin Sebranek; and Mike Garman of Chapter 2.

Lake Mills Emergency Medical Services (LMEMS) has announced that they are one of the first EMS services in Jefferson County to use nitrous oxide — an alternative, effective solution for pain management. It was recently installed in their two front-line ambulance rigs, with the goal to equip their third ambulance in the near future.

Lake Mills manufacturing company, Chapter 2, Inc. donated the funds needed to purchase one of the nitrous oxide units, and LMEMS purchased the second one. Each unit costs close to $4,000.

“We are very excited to have nitrous oxide to help calm and ease the pain of patients during transports, and to help reduce the use of opioids,” said Marty Bollig, AEMT with LMEMS. “And in a time when opioid use is a concern in today’s society, we wanted to offer the people of Lake Mills an alternative.”

The availability of nitrous oxide for pain relief can reduce or eliminate the need for paramedic intercepts to administer opioid pain relievers, as this alternative medication is self-administered, as needed, by a conscious patient while directly en route to the hospital. This will save money and time for ambulance patients whose emergency transport would no longer be delayed by the intercept. Additionally, nitrous oxide eliminates the need for the patient to wait for opioids to wear off before having emergency surgery.

Why did Chapter 2 choose to donate towards this purchase? Kyle Johnston, CEO/Co-owner, Chapter 2, said “Once we learned that the EMS was looking toward using the nitrous oxide tanks on their ambulances, we were very intrigued at the benefits. If a person is given an opioid in the ambulance for pain, they cannot immediately get lifesaving help in the hospital until the opioids run out of their system — that was eye opening.”

He continued, “My wife and I have a young daughter, so making a decision to donate something that could drastically improve a life-threatening situation if she, or anyone else, were in one, is essentially a ‘no-brainer.’ As a company, we are happy to help our community and this just seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Dave Larsuel, LMEMS Service Director, states, “We strive to provide innovative patient care and we are proud to be one of the first services to offer this cost-saving pain management option. We are grateful to Chapter 2 for their generous donation towards the purchase of one the nitrous units.

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