Little Lambs Vacation Bible School

Lake Mills Moravian Church held their Vacation Bible School August 3-5 . The children became junior archeologists and explored real-life archeological finds that have helped uncover the truth about Jesus. These youngest Moravians ages 3-7 will continue to spread God’s love throughout their adventures in life. In addition to the adult helpers shown above the Lake Mills Moravian Church Little Lamb VBS would like to thank Donna Hinzman, Pam Krueger, and Cindy Wolff for providing delicious meals and snacks. Also giving additional help, thanks to Dina Sobek, Erin Lynd, Rachael McFarlane, and Jessica Haberman. Everyone’s time and talents helped to make a successful program. Shown above, front row, left to right are: Malin Holz, Keaton Krausse, Elijah Vesper, Jasmine Euceda, Hailey McFarlane, Miles Bleeker and Hannah McFarlane. Second row: Blair Nampel, Marlow Holz, Calum Wolff, Parker Wolff, Silas Haberman and Violet Farrar. Third row: Harper Holz, Kayden Krausse, James Nampel, Hailey Lawson, Adalyn Haberman and Lily Frey. Back row: Pastor Dave Sobek, Nikki Lawson, Diane McFarlane, Sue Trumpf, Jeannie Green, Kristen Stilling, Liam Phillips, Jack Phillips, Justin Stilling and Lindsey Nampel.