Mitch Eveland

Lake Mills Market owner Mitch Eveland has decided to sell the grocery store, but said it will continue to operate under the same name. The Market will also continue to house Coffee Van Go and Wisconsin Sushi, and host the community round-up program.

Effective the first part of December, the Lake Mills Market will no longer be operated by Mitch Eveland who has sold the grocery store to Hometown Grocers, a subsidiary of Festival Foods, which he said is a family-owned Wisconsin company.

The news was announced on the Market’s Facebook page the evening of Nov. 10.

Eveland said Hometown Grocers was a good match to continue the good work the store has accomplished.

According to the post, the store will continue to be named Lake Mills Market and there will be no changes to Wisconsin Sushi or Coffee Van Go, both of which are independent retailers located within the grocery store. The Market will also continue to support local products and services.

The regular community round up program will continue, the post stated.

“You will find the same friendly staff throughout the store,” Eveland posted on the announcement.

Additionally, the current staff will retain seniority, benefits and pay rates.

However the most significant change will be no longer seeing Eveland in the Lake Mills store. He has chosen to continue operating his Madison grocery store, Capitol Centre Market.

“Serving you and this community have been a sincere pleasure,” the store owner said in the Facebook post. “Lake Mills will always hold a special place in my heart.”

By Tuesday morning the online announcement was met with 278 emoji reactions and 80 comments. The bulk of the comments were well-wishes to Eveland and thanking him for what he has done for the community.

“I am very proud of my son, Mitchell, for his vision to build and develop the Lake Mills Market into a community based center that sold groceries, provided employment, strengthened social needs and responsibilities,” commented the store owner’s mother, Barbara Eveland, on Facebook. “I have enjoyed years of cook outs, coat drives for the needy, monies raised for local needs, and very importantly the friendships I have enjoyed with his staff and all the wonderful people who stop me when I visit him and shop to tell me how valuable my son is to their community.”

Eveland said it meant a lot to see the responses to the Facebook post. He said selling the store was bittersweet.

“We built this store from the ground up and it’s been a great opportunity,” he said.

The Market was built in 2013 and opened Jan. 14, 2014. It became the only grocery store in Lake Mills after Sentry closed in 2019.

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