Lakeside Lutheran High School will go to virtual instruction for the rest of the week, as a precaution, not due to positive COVID tests.

The school plans to be back in person by Monday. They used Wednesday as a day for teachers to prepare for virtual instruction and will implement instruction Thursday and Friday this week virtually.

"As always, our concern is for the health and safety of our students. There has been a number of absences both days this week. While some are due to quarantines, others were due to illness of some type or the precautions that families have taken not to spread illnesses to others," said James Grasby, principal. "In addition, there are other families awaiting the results of COVID tests that, that if positive may keep additional students out of school on quarantine.

Grasby also said the school's transportation system was stretched thin due to illness. "There are many moving parts here," he said. "The Leadership Team felt it best to suspend in-person instruction for the remainder of this week. That will allow us, as a school, to assess the situation and make the best decisions for our students, their families, and our faculty and staff."

Co-curricular activities are ongoing at the school this week. 

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