Lights! Camera! Action! Stacey Kulow, formerly of Lake Mills and a 2004 graduate of Lakeside Lutheran High School, acted in a 45-minute film last summer called “Long Distance.”

The film has been chosen to play at the Wisconsin Film Festival and premieres on Saturday in Madison.

Stacey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in 2008 with a bachelor of fine art’s degree in interior design. Now living in Madison, she works as a waitress at La Brioche true food in Madison and also part-time at Bungalow Pros in Lake Mills.

This Lake Mills native also found her niche as a comedian. She writes her own material and performs a three to five minute show once a week at The Comedy Club on State in Madison.

Last summer two students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison attended one of her shows and thought she’d be perfect as the main female character in the movie script they’d just finished writing.

The filmmakers, Corey Dome and Steven Tooke, asked her to be in the movie.

“They saw me and thought I was funny,” she said, adding they asked her real life boyfriend, Bryan Morris, to be the main male character in the move. “We talked about it and decided to go ahead and do it.”

In the film Stacey’s character, Michelle West, and Bryan’s character, Andrew Keaton, find out what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship. Bryan’s character moves to Seattle for an internship and they try to make it work over the phone.

“We (characters) didn’t work out so well. We decided to open up the relationship and see other people,” Stacey said.

It took about a month to shoot the movie and it was filmed completely in Madison. The majority of their scenes were over the phone or on the computer. Corey’s residence was used for ‘Andrew’s apartment and Stacey used her residence for ‘Michelle’s’ apartment.

“They gave us an outline to follow but we improvised a lot of the lines,” Stacey said. “It’s a pretty big deal that it was selected for the film festival. They (writers) were pleasantly surprised that it made it. They’re trying to submit the movie to other film festivals.”

The Wisconsin Film Festival is presented by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Arts Institute in association with the Communication Arts Film Studies Program.

It was founded in 1999 and presents 150 films in seven theaters during eight days in April.

This year’s festival will be held from April 11 thru 18. “Long Distance” will be shown on Saturday at 5 p.m. at the UW Cinematheque and is sold out.

Stacey is the daughter of Dennis and Karen Kulow of Lake Mills. She has a brother, Jeff, and sister, Whitney. She and Bryan also work for Atlas Improv.

Stacey said the film’s writers are now living and working in New York City.

“I think being able to do the movie with Bryan made it fun. I think it’ll make us more experienced,” Stacey said.

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