May 5

Burton, Misty M., Palmyra, winter parking $35.00

Donahue, Anna M., Lake Mills, winter parking $35.00

Gundlach, Leah M., Fort Atkinson, winter parking $10.00

Hale, Christopher Alan, Madison, operate after rev/susp of registration $98.80

Hunt, Joshua Dubois Ragland, Monona, operating after suspension $124.00

Johnson, Jenni Marie, Watertown, operating After Suspension $124.00

Mitchell, Jane Ellen, Saint Charles, Illinois, improper tires $124.00

O’Leary, Neil, Brandon, winter parking $35.00

Patton, Todd Jerome, Lake Mills, unreasonable and imprudent speed $136.60; hit and run-unattended vehicle $187.00

Ponce Ocotl, Teresa, Madison, exceeding speed zones, Etc. $98.80; operate without valid license $124.00

Ramirez Aguilar, Maria Teresa, Lake Mills, operating after suspension $124.00; possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle $187.00

Rothe, Justin Lawrence, Lake Mills, winter parking $35.00; winter parking $35.00

Stalker, Leroy Gerald, Fort Atkinson, operating after suspension $124.00

Thompson, Barry Lynn, Watertown, non-registration of auto, etc $98.80; operating after suspension $124.00

Weber, Mavis A. Winter, Lake Mills, parking $35.00

Wilson, Brandon Michael, Watertown, operating after suspension $124.00

Zuniga Ramirez, David, Fort Atkinson, operate without valid license $124.00

May 19

Beaman, Christopher R., Rockford, Illinois, speeding in 55 mph zone (16-19 mph over) $124.00

Belajevs, Andrejs, Saint Francis, failure to transfer vehicle title $124.00; operate motor vehicle without insurance $124.00

Bubolz, Dennis R., Lake Mills, operating after suspension $124.00

Chavez Leon, Zeferino, Lake Mills, operating after suspension $124.00

Donaldson, Trivillion Lamont, Stoughton, speeding in 55 mph zone (16-19mph over) $124.00

French, Jesse J., Lake Mills, hit and run-property adjacent to highway $187.00; inattentive driving $111.40

Galston, Catherine A., Lake Mills, operate motor vehicle without proof of insurance $10.00

Golich, Katie Elizabeth, Jefferson, speeding in 55 mph zone $124.00

Harvey, Paul Barnes, Deerfield, non-registration of auto, Etc $98.80

Martin, Sherrie Lynn, Cookville, Texas, Speeding in 55 mph zone $124.00

Melendez, Jose Julian III, Oconomowoc, operate without valid license $124.00

Oakes, Le Ann Justine, Waukesha, speeding in excess of 70 mph limit $124.00

Peterson, Angela Rose, DeForest, operating while revoked (forfeiture) $124.00

Reals, Rochelle Lynn, Jefferson, operating after suspension $124.00

Rondon, Sonia M., Madison, non-registration of auto, etc $98.80

Sessions, Jennifer R., Madison, speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

Turner, Aireona Shanae, Madison, operate without valid license $124.00

Wagner, Margaret M., Whitewater, vehicle operator fail/wear seat belt $10.00

Whiting, Caitlin Jo Hayley, Lake Mills, speeding in excess of 70 mph limit $174.40

Womack, Philip V., Lake Mills, operating while revoked $313.00; passing on hill or curve $250.00

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