Changes at Sandy Beach

Dear Editor,

There are many things in the current era that we as citizens might disagree on. That Lake Mills is a special place is something I believe we all agree on however.

While you may not have noticed, drastic changes are being planned for Sandy Beach Park, and the changes are underway. The change started May 18 as a demolition crew began the destruction of the Sand Bar restaurant. The end of an era to be sure.

My family has been on Sandy Beach road for 90 years, and I enjoyed 67 of those years and look forward to many more. The city seems determined to destroy a nice park and beach to get more parking revenue, which to be sure I will not enjoy. The young people playing volleyball in the sand, the picnicking in the grass, will give way to a drastically enlarged parking lot.

With little public input solicited and attempts to have a more transparent process rejected, the city is taking its input from Madison consultants to redevelop the park. If you have not seen the plans, please contact the city for a copy to better understand whats being developed. A new cash revenue generating scheme not seen since the water slide was build early in the 20th century. Why does this not get put to a vote, allow the citizens to speak through referendum on such large capital project being undertaken. Is it perhaps that redevelopment projects proposed by the city previously have been voted down?

The long-time operator of the Sand Bar had enough when the price of a new lease offered by the City went through the roof faster than the track-hoe did yesterday. Will we have to pay more for use of the park and queue up in line with the regional visitors those Madison consultants want to attract? Your city taxes will make those visits more affordable for everyone but you.

Steven Weber

Lake Mills

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