Dear editor,

Medical experts on local and national levels do not endorse the Lake Mills Area School District’s fall COVID-19 mitigation plan for our schools. During the last school board meeting, our district failed to provide a single compelling reason for the changes to last year’s plan. Masks are no longer required in schools, lunches will be held in the cafeterias instead of the classrooms, and close contacts of people infected with COVID-19 from school will not be quarantined. Why are we doing less this year and putting our children at increased unnecessary risk?

Tonya Olson, District Administrator and author of the new plan, said she will remain in close contact with health officials, but the CDC, AAP, Fort HealthCare, JCHD, and DPI all recommend masking and social distancing in schools. Being in contact with medical experts is meaningless if their recommendations are ignored.

With the more contagious Delta variant recently becoming dominant, Wisconsin is seeing high levels of COVID-19 transmission in every single county. There have been significant increases of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations among healthy and immunocompromised children across the United States. We know vaccinated individuals can still spread the virus to others and the long term health impacts of contracting COVID-19 are unknown.

I highly encourage everyone to contact the district office to voice concerns with the new COVID-19 mitigation plan. Tell the district that we want the strategies endorsed by medical experts during this pandemic.

Nicole Holman

Lake Mills

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