To the editor,

I am writing today to bring to light the dangers of forced masking of our children and why it should be an optional choice for parents. The following is a summary of the visit with the school nurse on 9/2 and the demonstration shown at the 9/13 school board meeting, which some parents did not agree with or believe was real.

The purpose of meeting with the school nurse on 9/2 was to establish a mask exception on the basis of reduced oxygen while wearing a mask. I brought a MGC gas clip to show the mask created an oxygen deficient environment for our children.

I started to explain OSHA’s Respiratory Protection Standard CRF 1910.134. I used the following letter of interpretation as a handout for her reference.

OSHA’s limits on atmosphere in any workplace shall not be less than 19.5% oxygen at any time. The gas clip brought along to the meeting would test for four separate atmospheric conditions. Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Lower Explosive Limit, and Oxygen listed in percentages. Air is pulled through a tube connected to the pump and results are expressed in real time on the display screen. I discussed the alarm feature and parameters in which the alarm would sound. If any prohibited conditions exist, you are in violation of federal law if an employee is allowed to enter the space.

I explained that an oxygen deficient environment is the most dangerous and frequent hazard. In the letter, OSHA does express workers who work at higher elevations who are inherently at risk of lower oxygen because of higher elevations are only allowed if they have acclimated to the conditions or used to working in it. My child and most other children at the school are not consistently masked. Only forced during the school day. They are not acclimated to the oxygen depleted environment you force them into.

When testing our child, I showed the screen to the school nurse while it tested the air under the mask. The oxygen reading depleted past 19.5% and as designed, the monitors alarm went off, started to flash, and vibrate. The monitor continued to count down until 17% where it continued to hover up and down a couple tenths of a percent. This is the environment that you put our children in every single day while wearing masks. Unacceptable.

Andrew Wiedenfeld

Lake Mills

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