To the editor,

As a result of the 2011 redistricting done in secret by a law firm and a data analyst, Wisconsin has had the worst gerrymandering in the nation.

The legislature has been dominated by one party for five straight elections, by as much as 60 to 39 in the Assembly and a consistent majority in the Senate despite Wisconsin’s usual nearly 50/50 popular vote.

The result? Legislators who do not feel the need to listen to their constituents. The most conspicuous recent instance was the Lobby Day sponsored by the Fair Maps Coalition. Despite the convenience of using Zoom, and adequate notice, none of the four representatives within the 13th State Senate District bothered to meet with us to discuss the reasons we need nonpartisan redistricting: not Sen. Jagler, not Rep. Dittrich nor the other two members of the Assembly. All seem to have embraced the idea of another decade of what are essentially rigged elections.

As I would have told them had I had the chance, politicians should have enough confidence in the wisdom of their policies that they feel they can win on a level playing field without the help of a gerrymander.

Jefferson County passed a referendum with a 58% majority favoring nonpartisan redistricting. I urge everyone who approved the referendum to email or call our representatives to insist they vote for AB395 and SB389, which would establish nonpartisan redistricting. Should you be ignored, please vote accordingly.

Lewis Sierra

Lake Mills

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