Megan Plumer and Doreen Brokmeier have taken a friendship formed in pastry school and turned it into a partnership in downtown Lodi, “Buttercream Bakery” located at 112 Main St.

The two met in pastry school five years ago, after Megan and another friend joined Doreen’s lunch table during the accelerated program at Madison Area Technical College.

The pair say they work perfectly together, and complement each others strengths. Brokmeier says she can bake “pretty much anything,” and relies on Plumer’s steady hands and meticulous eye for decorating. The shop offers Colectivo

coffee from Milwaukee, Sassy Cow Creamery ice cream from Sun Prairie, and an array of baked goods, including fresh daily cinnamon rolls. Bread is also in the offing, as is an espresso machine.

Plumer graduated both the culinary and pastry schools at MATC, and spent two years in Queens, N.Y. working as a pastry chef for a catering business there. She is also a longtime waitress at Lakeside Bar and Grill in Poynette. She said upon returning to the area, she decided to open a bakery with Brokmeier, and “Now we’re nuts!” she said, looking to Brokmeier who shared in the laugh.

Many younger patrons of the shop remember Plumer as their karate instructor, and request, or perhaps demand, to see “Miss Megan.”

Brokmeier is a 13-year dispatcher with the Dane County Sheriff’s Department. She enrolled in the pastry school as a release outside of work, and was not necessarily looking to make a career out of it, but found an ideal working relationship with Plumer.

“We get along so well, and dance in the kitchen and just generally act like a couple teenagers,” Brokmeier said.

“We play off each other,” added Plumer. “If I’m in baking zone, she switches to the front and does the counter,”

Brokmeier said her love of baking grew out of helping her grandmother decorate cookies as a child. “I just like to bake,” Brokmeier said. “Food just makes people happy.”

Plumer, too, said her love of baking came from her maternal grandmother. “Every time going over to her house, and there being fresh bread and soup and pie and like a whole kitchen full of fresh baked food,” said Plumer. “Just wanting to be like that — I love baking for people and knowing they enjoy it.”

Sassy Cow ice cream, sugar cookies and German Chocolate Pecan Pie cake bars are proving especially popular so far.

Rather than syrups, the bakery uses purees of “straight fruit” that arrive insulated and packed in dry ice, shipped from Europe. The chocolate, too, is sourced from Europe. The choice is the result of being “spoiled” at pastry school, said Brokmeier, who said the two could not go back to lesser quality after baking with the ‘good stuff’ at school.

The bakery also has a top floor party room that is available to rent for parties, weddings, and fundraisers.

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