Thai students

Lodi High School students pose with Thai guests during a visit to the school. Lodi students are now in Thailand staying with host families. 

What do I pack? What gifts should I take? What are the bathrooms like? These are just a few of the many questions asked by 18 students and 3 staff who embarked on a trip of a lifetime to Thailand on Nov. 2 as part of the Sister School Exchange Program at Lodi High School. The group returns on Nov. 25.

This is the fifth exchange trip students from LHS have made to Thailand, with the first being in 2008. Including this year’s group, 63 students will have endured almost a 24-hour air/land trip to Bangkok and on to Suphan Buri, the province where Sa-nguan Ying School is located. Students will be staying with a host family and living as a member of a Thai family for three weeks.

Prior to the trip, students participate in a variety of cultural meetings and language lessons in a class that they are enrolled in for the fall semester to prepare them for their journey. While in Thailand, students will give a variety of presentations about LHS, Lodi, Wis., and the United States.

On their visit, the group will take a variety of field trips to such places as museums, ancient ruins, elephant camps, temples, experience World War II history, visit mansions and palaces and experience a wide view of Thai culture.

Those making the trip include: students Ben Rashid, Jessica Keller, Antonia Langowski, Katie McChesney, Meg McIntyre, Hannah Hargis, Kieran Surges, Abby Garnhart, Sam Kerr, Sierra Harper-Beutel, Amelia Thompson, Callie Koziol, Abbi Woolley, Sam Hamilton, Hannah Busser, Lily Chase, Mary Raemisch, and Allison Winters along with staff Matthew Horan, Julie Adams, and Kerrie Rashid.

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