The Lodi United Methodist Church will feature a performance by the Kat Trio July 30, a band who will mark the beginning of the season for the organization’s concert series. 

The band started up during the summer of 1998 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Violinist Victoria Gorbich, clarinetist Vladislav Gorbich and pianist Vasil Galiulin, all graduates of the Ural State Conservatory, decided to take their piano-clarinet-violin compositions to venues and festivals throughout the Urals. 

The band spent time in town halls and indoor stages with encouraging audiences during that summer in 1998. According to the band’s website, it inspired the band to take their talents to new heights. The trio developed an experimental reputation, began impressing a unique style upon various classical pieces. 

 This new style made waves with their audience, so much that word about the band spread like wildfire to places like the United States by 2000.

“That’s why we’re doing our own transcriptions and arrangements [of classical music].” Vladislav said during a phone interview. 

The Kat Trio toured the U.S. that year in spring. 

In 2017, the trio consists of Victoria, Vladislav and a pianist named Joseph Ross. Currently, they are on the road presenting their unique interpretations of what the website calls “timeless melodies.” Galiulin has since decided to stay in Russia to be a music professor at Ural State Conservatory and spend time with family. 

“We don’t have music at all in the Russian Orthodox Church,” Vladislav said. “We love to play at churches because the people are already there.”

The concerts will feature classical songs of course, some American pop favorites and some well-known inspirational songs. Some of the pop favorites they play are originals by Scott Joplin. 

“[The Kat Trio] doesn’t always say a whole lot with words [during performances] besides introducing themselves and their pieces, but they certainly do with their music,” said Sharon Easley, church concert coordinator. “They’re always engaged with the audience.”

Easley stated in an email the Russian group has performed at the church for the past 15 years on various occasions. 

The event will begin promptly at 7 p.m. and concert-goers are welcome come experience what the band has to offer musically. 

“The church [in general] has been doing these concerts for the last three decades,” Easley said. 

However, this is the last summer of the series for the church, according to Easley. She said the organization is unfortunately at the end of its endowment. 

Ice cream sundaes will be served following the concert. Lodi United Methodist Church will not be charging admission to the event, but they do take a free-will offering to help with expenses. 

The Methodist Church’s next concert will take place Aug. 27, and will feature Susan Frankland, Rhea Seffrood Lund, Mitch Richards, Matt Richards and other local performers. 


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