The Columbia County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) is taking the lead to establish the Columbia County Economic Recovery Team, with the purpose of building a collaborative effort with organizations across Columbia County. The Economic Recovery Team will meet the unique needs of the area during this challenging time.

The mission of the recovery team is “to investigate and recommend immediate, short term, and potentially time limited solutions for businesses, business sectors, and organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate economic recovery in Columbia County.”

Organizations participating in this effort are:

—Cheryl Fahrner, CCEDC Executive Director — Lead Organization

—Kathleen Haas, UW Extension (Facilitator)

—Susan Lorenz, Columbia County Health and Human Services — Health Officer

—Kathy Johnson, Columbia County Emergency Management Coordinator

—Steven Sobiek, City of Portage, Director of Business Development & Planning

—Marianne Hanson, Portage Area Chamber of Commerce

—JD Milburn, Columbus Chamber of Commerce

—Romy Snyder, Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau, Inc.

—Kristi McMorris, Lodi/Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

—Lyn Koenig, Poynette Chamber of Commerce (PACC Secretary)

—Tim Raymond, Cambria-Friesland School District Administrator

—Terry Milfred, Rio Area Community Club

CCEDC is in immediate need of supporters, sponsors and investors in our efforts to assist in economic recovery efforts. If you are able to help, please call Cheryl Fahrner at (608) 742-6161, or email

If you are a business or economic development provider in need of information or assistance, please reach out to CCEDC or any participating organization.

CCEDC has a revolving loan fund, loan program to qualifying small businesses. In addition, other local funding sources may be available for small, low interest loans to small business owners. Visit for more information, additional business resource information.

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