Police academy

The following students have graduated from the High School Police Academy at Madison College-Portage. Back row, left to right: Kathleen Gulbranson of Endeavor, Cheyenne Erickson of Portage, Morgan Ermis of Columbus. Front row, left to right: Brian Landers, Madison College instructor, Samuel LaCrosse of Portage, Dennis Grimesey of Dane, Olivia Gramer of Portage, and Cailey Jo Russell of LaFarge. Not pictured: Maxwell Papp of Cambria, Teddy Procknow of Portage, and Gunnar Roberts of Portage.

Ten local students graduated from the High School Police Academy at Madison College-Portage in April. Held on three Saturdays, the academy was designed to provide real-world knowledge about policing and police careers.

Demonstrations and hands-on actives were used to introduce a variety of topics and tactics, including police basics and police code of ethics, investigations and evidence collection, communications and police self-defense.

Collaborating agencies included Portage Police Department, Columbia County Sheriff's Department and Columbia County Deputy Sheriff's Association. Tuition for all participants was sponsored by Portage Police Department and Columbia County Deputy Sheriff's Association.

Madison College offers an Associate Degree program in Criminal Justice Studies, which prepares students for various careers including law enforcement officers, private security officers, investigators and correctional officers. For more information about the program or about other youth opportunities, contact Madison College-Portage at 608-745-3100, or visit madisoncollege.edu.

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