Manke Enterprises is in the process of moving locations.

According to Chief Operations Officer, Jason Manke, the business will hopefully garner more customers, since the new location is right by the interstate 90/94 (it moved from N1558 Sunset Drive to 924 Development Drive, Suite C, Lodi). The new spot will also be more spacious, he said.

“We didn’t have a showroom before and we didn’t have anywhere to display our products,” Manke said. “(Having more) space was part of it, but location was probably a greater part in the decision to move.”

Manke Enterprises staff is already at the new location taking sales calls and seeing clients, but renovations are underway. They will conclude the evening of March 8 with a Lodi & Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce-hosted mixer at the new location.

On March 9-11, Manke Enterprises will host an open house. The public is invited to attend, with food served each day and raffle prizes.

Manke said the business researched how other companies fared when moving next to a highway, each seeing a “significant jump in sales” after they did so.

“We believe we are set up for that same success,” Manke said. “It isn’t cheap, but the risk is worth it.”

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