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The report cards released by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction shows the Lodi School District exceeds expectations. Overall, the district received a similar score for the 2017-18 school year.

This year, Lodi School District received a 74.8 out of 100, a slight increase over the 74.6 they received last year. With each building receiving their own individual score, Lodi High School scored the highest with a 79.7.

The Ouisconsing School of Collaboration was also noted as exceeding expectations with a 73.4. The elementary and middle school fell into the “meets expectations” category with a 68.6 and 71.5, respectively. The Lodi Primary School received an alternative rating but was noted as having “satisfactory progress”.

According to a DPI press release, scores are calculated in four priority areas: student achievement; school growth; closing gaps between student groups; and measures of students being on-track for postsecondary readiness, which includes graduation and attendance rates, third-grade English language arts achievement, and eighth-grade mathematics achievement.

While it is not the only metric for performance or success in a school district, it is a “snapshot of performance across the four priority areas and can be used to target improvement efforts,” according to the DPI.

The district was shown to have improvements in the areas of district growth, which uses English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics scores. They also had slight improvements in closing gaps, which covers the ELA and math achievement gaps between different racial, economic and disability groups. It also covers the graduation rate gaps between these groups.

In the area of student achievement, Lodi’s score dropped from 73.7 to 72.2 to this year. The number of students who scored advanced or proficient in ELA and math achievement, leading to a larger number scoring in the “basic” and “below basic” performance level.

On-track and postsecondary readiness has stayed nearly the same, with a slight drop from 88.6 to 88.5. Graduation rates and attendance rates have improved overall for the district but third grade ELA achievement and eighth grade math achievement has dropped.

Lodi High School’s growth in ELA and math was shown to be the district’s highest performing metric when compared to the state’s average. The high school scored a 91.6, while the state average was 66. They also scored a 97.9 in on-track and postsecondary readiness.

The full reports for the Lodi School District and individual schools can be found at dpi.wi.gov/accountability/report-cards.

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