PJ's Pizza

Owner P.J. Fontecchio has taken over Tano’s Pizza in Lodi after buying out his business partner Ron Spangler. The two of them opened Tano’s Pizza in November of 2016.

There’s a new banner over the Tano’s sign but don’t worry, it’s still the same pizza, pasta and subs as before.

P.J. Fontecchio is the former — now sole — owner of the restaurant after his business partner Ron Spangler decided he was looking to move away from pizzas. Fontecchio bought out Spangler in May and has been working to turn the pizzeria into PJ’s Pizza.

Fontecchio and Spangler started the Lodi business in November of 2016. Spangler also owns a Tano’s Pizza in Cross Plains and Belleville.

“He’s thinking about moving on from the pizza business,” Fontecchio said. “Not to retire completely, just to move in a different direction. I made a commitment to Lodi and wanted to stay here and live here. I’ve got 16 employees here that would like to keep their jobs.

But beyond the name change, Lodi residents can expect everything to remain fairly similar, including the pricing, the menu and the delivery area.

Fontecchio said the restaurant is always trying new food ideas, including a new line of subs about six months ago and testing out some ravioli in the last couple of weeks.

“We’re always trying some different stuff,” he said. “As far as the menu what people are used to here in Lodi, there won’t be any changes.”

Coming up in July, Fonteccio is planning to start a rewards program that will be associated with a new app for people’s phones. People will be able to order through the app, earn reward points and get free items.

“We’re excited about getting that started,” Fontecchio said. “A whole new level of marketing we’ll be doing. We’re always evolving.”

PJ’s Pizza is planning a new tentative grand opening July 26. People can still see the menu and order online at www.pjspizzalodi.com.

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