113 South Main

The 113 South Main office building has been attracting new businesses to downtown Lodi after renovations were made to the space this year.

With a recent makeover at 113 South Main this past summer, the new owners are hoping to attract more businesses to the downtown Lodi area.

Deb Manchester, owner of 113 South Main and Cupola Projects LLC, purchased the building last February and has been working to restore the building for future tenants. The building has received a noticeable update to its facade in June and has improvements throughout the inside.

“We’re excited to be investing in Lodi and continuing to try to push Main Street forward, trying to keep progress happening,” Manchester said.

Manchester said the building fell into disrepair over the last couple years, with water issues, broken duct work and being overall “uninviting” to guests. She and her husband also acquired the building right before the flooding in March that damaged several Main Street businesses, although she said they made it out mostly unscathed.

After fixing the major issues with the building, Manchester said they hope to quell some of the concerns people may have had about the space in years past. She said they’re constantly battling people’s old impressions of the building but she’s confident this has changed.

“My husband and I, we have visions,” Manchester said. “We’re not worried about certain things and not afraid to take on projects that most people would run away from.”

Along with having to make renovations to the building, Manchester said they also had to worry about Top of Lodi LLC moving into the old primary school space as competition for available office space. This was at a time when 113 South Main had no new businesses committed to moving into the building.

Top of Lodi had generated controversy in the city over the last couple months about possible businesses they may have brought the residential area. Manchester said she was thankful their application to have the primary school rezoned was denied.

“That goes for all of Main Street,” she said. “There’s so many retail and office spaces that are empty. It would be devastating to have more of that in Lodi when our downtown is two-thirds empty.”

As many community members voice their opinions about potentially unfavorable businesses coming to Lodi, Manchester said she looks to bring in professional tenants that “contribute to the wellness of the community.”

Since Cupola Projects purchased the building, they have doubled their occupancy from four to eight businesses, and they’re looking to fill out the rest of the 16 spaces. Manchester said they have also changed the name of the building from Spring Creek Business Center to simply 113 South Main to bring off a newer and more neutral impression.

Since February, 113 South Main has attracted new and outside businesses, such as Hip Hop Nail Shop, All About You Solutions and Musik Matters LLC. Schwarz Insurance has also moved from their Main Street location into the building.

Manchester said she’s hoping to fill the building with other Nine-to-five workers as she believes this will help improve the health of downtown Lodi.

“That would be so great for all the other businesses around,” she said. “We have this great opportunity to make a difference in the makeup of our cute little Main Street.”

As Manchester looks to pull in business that she believes will succeed, she said she would like to see businesses such as a physical therapy practice, orthodontist and counseling services coming to Main Street.

“I’m dying to get a pack-and-ship place here,” she said. “I think that Lodi needs that. I’m so sick and tired of going into Waunakee to go to the UPS store or Fedex store.”

So far, she said 113 South Main has received “overwhelmingly positive remarks” and people are happening to see the space refreshed. As Cupola Projects looks for more businesses to fill out the rest of the 7,100 square feet of rentable space, Manchester sees a bright future for Lodi.

“I think there’s good things going to happen in the next 5 to 10 years,” she said. “I’m very optimistic, but not without reason. I really do think Lodi going to be able to attract some good businesses.”

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